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How to Understand Your Online Store Analytics Data

With just about all physical retail stores temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of our clients are turning their focus to eCommerce.  With this shift taking place, we’ve also received a lot of questions and comments regarding not just how to optimize their sales,

Unusual Hotel Offers for A Coronavirus Season

We’re now in the middle of a Coronavirus season, which hopefully, will never return to our calendars for the rest of our lifetimes. As countries around the world are imposing stricter restrictions for foreign visitors to curb imported Coronavirus infections, some hotels are discovering new opportunities to

5 Secrets Entrepreneurs Should Know About Google

If you are an entrepreneur, then you have probably read many articles recommending that you do X, and then your digital marketing will perform better. While many of those articles are filled with great advice, there are some secrets that you need to know about the way

Understanding Amazon Attribution

With the new Amazon Attribution (Beta), sellers that are running campaigns outside of Amazon (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc.) can now track the performance of those campaigns in conjunction with their existing Amazon Advertising campaigns. Up until now, if you were running Facebook ads or Google ads

Seven Strategies All Hoteliers Must Use to Grow Direct Bookings

In today’s competitive environment the fight between Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Metasearch engines, Global Distribution channels and websites to capture guests bookings is as fierce as it’s ever been.  It is clear that for hoteliers, driving bookings through their own website is the preferred path to

How to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Ads Campaign – Part 2

How the Facebook Ads Delivery System Works As many of you in the digital marketing world already know, the Facebook ads delivery system uses machine learning to optimize for your results.  Basically, each time a campaign ad is served or displayed, the delivery system learns more about

How to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Ads Campaign – Part 1

How the Facebook Auction Works Just like Google Ads, Facebook also uses an auction system to determine the best ad to show to a person at a given point in time. Billions of auctions take place everyday across the Facebook family of apps. The goal is for

PPC Study – 2019 Google Ads Industry Benchmarks – Search & Display Ads

The following article is based on a case study completed by Wordstream, a company that develops Search Marketing Software for PPC advertisers.  MGR utilizes WordStream tools synced-up with Google Ads and Bing on a regular basis to optimize our clients PPC campaigns. I strongly recommend that you

Reducing Cart Abandonment Through One Page Checkout

If you follow this blog, you already know how emphatic I am about eliminating friction with any type of transaction with your clients.  And I’m not talking about verbal friction, but rather, creating a frictionless environment to get them from point A to point B as easy

MGR – Amazon Weekly News – October 7, 2019

MGR Amazon Weekly Update | October 7, 2019 Top News This Week Amazon Wants Sellers to Pay $5,000/mo for Access to a Dedicated Account Service Rep This option has existed for a while, but has been limited to only very select sellers. Now, Amazon is trying to