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Engaging Forms of Content You Should Be Using

The future of business is digital. Okay, maybe not completely–some things can really only be done in person. Even those businesses that provide in-person services still benefit from digitizing their businesses, especially regarding marketing and advertising. Engaging content is key to succeeding in digital marketing, so what

How Do I Make Google Work for Me?

Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to boost your website traffic and online audience? Regardless of what services you offer on your website, be that Ecommerce, consultations, or written content, your site can gain more traffic and attention if you make Google work

What Basics Should Be Included in Your Marketing Plan?

Marketing is an effective way of growing your business. It allows you to gain brand recognition and a returning, loyal customer base. If you haven’t found growth in your business, make sure your marketing plan has the following things below. Your Budget Determine how much you’re willing

3 Reasons You Should Never Neglect Your Mobile Optimization

So, you want to reach every customer or client who is interested in your services. In order to do that, you need to be able to follow the old adage: location, location, location. You’re likely already online, and maybe even have your webpage updated often. You know

Marketing Tools You Should Definitely Be Using

Training your marketing team and giving them the resources to succeed is essential for your business’s audience to grow. Not only is modern technology structured to help companies expand their clientele, but effective programs give you pointers on whether your campaign is working or not. Here are

The Apple iOS Update that Facebook Hates & Third Party Cookies Going Away

The Apple iOS Update that Facebook Hates On Monday (April 26) Apple released its iOS 14.5 big new update for iPhones.  But unlike any other updates, this one will prove to be one of the most critical ones for the digital marketing world. I’m referring to Apple’s

How to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising ROAS

How the Facebook Auction Works Just like Google Ads, Facebook also uses an auction system to determine the best ad to show to a person at a given point in time. Billions of auctions take place everyday across the Facebook family of apps, which means the cost of

How to Understand Your Online Store Analytics Data

With just about all physical retail stores temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of our clients are turning their focus to eCommerce.  With this shift taking place, we’ve also received a lot of questions and comments regarding not just how to optimize their sales,

Unusual Hotel Offers for A Coronavirus Season

We’re now in the middle of a Coronavirus season, which hopefully, will never return to our calendars for the rest of our lifetimes. As countries around the world are imposing stricter restrictions for foreign visitors to curb imported Coronavirus infections, some hotels are discovering new opportunities to

5 Secrets Entrepreneurs Should Know About Google

If you are an entrepreneur, then you have probably read many articles recommending that you do X, and then your digital marketing will perform better. While many of those articles are filled with great advice, there are some secrets that you need to know about the way