The future of business is digital. Okay, maybe not completely–some things can really only be done in person. Even those businesses that provide in-person services still benefit from digitizing their businesses, especially regarding marketing and advertising. Engaging content is key to succeeding in digital marketing, so what forms of content are effective?

Blog Posts

Some businesses think blogs are a waste of time. When done right, they are anything but a waste of time. Blog posts can do some great things for a business. Consider that many consumers turn to the internet for information and solutions to their problems. If you create blog posts with interesting content that provides that information and helpful solutions, you’ll build trust and authority, expand your online presence, and potentially increase your customer base.


If YouTube and TikTok are anything to go by, people love videos. Videos allow you to present information visually and audibly, which increases how engaging your content can be. They are an easy way to showcase your brand’s personality and advertise products. Video content pairs well with event marketing, allowing you to share clips of what happened. Use video content to help consumers get to know your company. 

Just remember to keep it short, sweet, and entertaining. That will encourage people to watch the whole thing, comment on it, and maybe even share it. Again, consider your audience as you create video content. Think about what they like and dislike; allow that to guide you through the creative process.


Some people want information in a simple, easily digestible format. That’s precisely what infographics offer. Infographics can be an ideal way to present information visually. Because of how effectively they can communicate concepts and ideas from statistics, research, data, and studies, infographics can get your content more clicks and shares. Just make sure you put together quality infographics to get the best results. As with blog posts and videos, think about what sort of information would be the most valuable to your customers. Let that guide you as you choose the subject matter and content of your infographics.

Every business wants to be noticed. That’s easier said than done, but creating engaging content can go a long way. Keep your customers in mind as you create your content. Consider what things they find engaging. Brainstorm questions that they might have that are related to the solutions your business offers. That will help you generate engaging content that your customers will find valuable and worth sharing with others.


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