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What You Need to Make Your Brand Environmentally Sustainable

In the past, environmental sustainability was only really a concern for brands who were on the forefront of eco industries. However, over the past couple of years it has become clear that customers want to shop from brands that are eco-friendly for all of their products and

How to Stay Within the Law When Running an Online Business

There are few opportunities to start a business that puts as low of a barrier to entry in front of them as an online business. Without needing any additional space and just your computer, you can start, run, and grow an online business to six figures or

How Your Business Can Punch Above its Weight

Especially for small local businesses, staying afloat can feel like a fight for your life. Staying competitive with the larger business competitors is a constant struggle, especially when they have more resources than you do. However, there are steps you can take that keep you ahead in

Who Will Win Blockchain Scaling? w/ Founders of BattleZips | DeFi Mafia Podcast

In this episode: This week on the DeFi Mafia Podcast we discuss all the ways competing blockchains are trying to scale with Jack and Ian from BattleZips. We go over ZK Roll Ups, StarkWare, Solana, Avalanche Subnets, Polygon, and much more. Near stablecoin coming soon. Redacted Cartel

Stablecoin Wars? Bull Case for Near + $BTRFLY most undervalued coin? | DeFi Mafia Podcast

In this episode: This week on the DeFi Mafia Podcast we discuss the stablecoin wars. Is Near launching their own stablecoin? Is UST going to survive? Plus why Redacted Cartel ($BTRFLY) might be the most undervalued project in crypto right now. Near stablecoin coming soon. Redacted Cartel

Important Elements of a Successful Business

Millions of new businesses are created every year, but just as many businesses are shut down as well. Every business wants to be successful, and many of them have great products that would fill many clients’ needs. However, they never see the light of day. So what

How Jack Butcher Turned Drawings into a Multi-Million Dollar Business | DeFi Mafia Podcast Ep 9

In this episode: This week on the DeFi Mafia Podcast we have on Jack Butcher, founder of Visualize Value, to discuss how he built his brand, growth hacked his way to success, and broke into Web3 and NFTs.    Check our other stuff out too: The

Reputation-Killers You Should Avoid at All Costs

As a business, your reputation is one of your largest selling points that you can offer to your customers and potential clients and customers. Your brand and company reputation are how your business makes its first impression on business partners, suppliers, employees, and customers, and cultivating a

Trading & Investing During a Crypto Bear Market | DeFi Mafia Podcast Ep 8

In this episode: This week on the DeFi Mafia Podcast we discuss the crypto projects we’re looking at during the bear market, how we’re trading, and more.    Check our other stuff out too: The Edge  Instagram  Facebook  LinkedIn  Medium  Twitter  MGR Agency Website This episode

How to Deliver Better Results for Your Customers

Operating a business in the current world where technology reigns dominant and you can run a business without ever meeting a client or customer in person, learning how you can deliver the best results possible can be quite challenging. The insular nature of the business world today