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MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | May 12, 2021

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | May 12, 2021 Top News This Week Amazon’s Cracking Down on Rule Breakers Big & Small Amazon has blocked several large Chinese merchants for alleged “suspicious behavior”, in a move that industry insiders said is part of a targeted crackdown on questionable

DeFi News, Opportunities and Risks – The Phoenix Suns Reach the Playoffs – MGR Unplugged Podcast

DeFi is starting to make some serious noise. So much so, that major banks are now paying attention and feeling the heat. In this conversation, we unveil some of the latest developments, new options for savers as well as some of the risks involved. Listen now on

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | May 5, 2021

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | May 5, 2021 Top News This Week What a New California Court Ruling Means for Amazon & Sellers A California court is holding Amazon liable for a defective product sold by a third-party seller, setting a precedent for future cases with similar

The Apple iOS Update that Facebook Hates & Third Party Cookies Going Away

The Apple iOS Update that Facebook Hates On Monday (April 26) Apple released its iOS 14.5 big new update for iPhones.  But unlike any other updates, this one will prove to be one of the most critical ones for the digital marketing world. I’m referring to Apple’s

How to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising ROAS

How the Facebook Auction Works Just like Google Ads, Facebook also uses an auction system to determine the best ad to show to a person at a given point in time. Billions of auctions take place everyday across the Facebook family of apps, which means the cost of

Facebook Analytics Going Away – iOS14 Privacy – Uniswap V3 – MGR Unplugged Podcast

 David and I discuss why Facebook has quietly decided to cancel its Analytics feature.  What iOS14 is changing for mobile advertisers and the latest version of Uniswap that is set to launch next month. Listen now on your favorite podcast platform: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play | Stitcher | Overcast In this

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | April 7, 2021

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | April 7, 2021 Top News This Week Amazon Sellers are Raising Big Money from Investors VC’s aren’t just throwing money at DTC brands, they’re now diving into the world of Amazon sellers too. These VC’s are investing in what essentially acquisition vehicles,

What Marketing Methods Have the Biggest Influence on Customers?

Marketing is an essential part of every business, but you don’t want to blow your whole budget on things you don’t need. Figuring out what kinds of marketing are most effective can help you to spend your marketing budget wisely and to avoid spending money on marketing

Adding Alexa for Hospitality to Your Hotel Guest Experience

The Multiple Applications of Amazon’s Alexa for Hospitality It is no surprise that Amazon’s dominant position in the U.S. smart speaker market will continue through this year with rivals like Google and Apple only making slight dents in Amazon Echo market share, according to a report published

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | March 24, 2021

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | March 24, 2021 Top News This Week NFTs May Take Over the Fashion World If you’re into fashion culture, you’ll know that everything is based around exclusive drops, collections, and collaborations. Fashion brands thrive off the idea that an item is available