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Alpha Watch #2: DeFi 3.0 is Here

Guest Post by: DeFi Mafia Greetings, we hope you’re all having a great first week of the year! It certainly started off with a bang as $NEAR, the topic of last week’s alpha watch has just hit new all time highs. Let’s see if we can keep the hot

An Overview of the DeFi Landscape: 2021 in Review

Guest Post by: DeFi Mafia 2021 in many ways was the year of a decade’s worth of dreams coming true. Total crypto market cap not only crossed the psychological $1 Trillion threshold, it skyrocketed to a peak of over $3 Trillion. In 2021 institutions and broader society

Alpha Watch #1: Next Rotations & Small Cap Gems

Guest Post by: DeFi Mafia The future is $NEAR? We got a lot of great feedback and many new subscribers on our debut deep dive on Olympus DAO. We’re happy to have you all here, and very excited to start putting out more of what we hope you’ll

No One Understands Olympus DAO – Let’s Change That

This article originally appeared on DeFi Mafia’s Substack Newsletter > Clever Ponzi or Much More? My write up today was inspired by this CoinDesk article that has been making the rounds on crypto twitter recently. It’s well written and decently researched, but it’s clear the author does not fully

Crypto Investing – Why FUD and FOMO May Be Your Worst Enemy

When it comes to investing in Cryptocurrencies or any type of DeFi option, FUD and FOMO are two of the most common sentiments among people intrigued about their options.  David and I discuss some of the basics and how it compares to the birth and growth of

The Crypto Crash – Why it Happened and Why it Won’t Be the Last One

Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum suffered a severe crash this week.  Whether it was expected or not is beyond the point right now.  We’ve always thought that crypto’s wild volatility is normal and to be expected from this relatively new asset class and especially, after experiencing a

Elon Musk Revives SNL – Amazon Bans Accounts – TESLA Quits Accepting Bitcoin

Elon Musk hosts SNL and shortly after, Dogecoin prices drops 30%.  Tesla also announces that it will not accept Bitcoin anymore due to environmental concerns, and Amazon suspends a number of Chinese seller accounts due to fraudulent practices. Listen now on your favorite podcast platform: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google

DeFi News, Opportunities and Risks – The Phoenix Suns Reach the Playoffs – MGR Unplugged Podcast

DeFi is starting to make some serious noise. So much so, that major banks are now paying attention and feeling the heat. In this conversation, we unveil some of the latest developments, new options for savers as well as some of the risks involved. Listen now on

Facebook Analytics Going Away – iOS14 Privacy – Uniswap V3 – MGR Unplugged Podcast

 David and I discuss why Facebook has quietly decided to cancel its Analytics feature.  What iOS14 is changing for mobile advertisers and the latest version of Uniswap that is set to launch next month. Listen now on your favorite podcast platform: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play | Stitcher | Overcast In this

Best Strategies to Keep Your Crypto Portfolio Safe – MGR Unplugged Podcast

David and I share with all of you a topic that we discuss frequently: how to keep your crypto portfolio safe by diversifying your storage solutions. Listen now on your favorite podcast platform: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play | Stitcher | Overcast In this episode: Getting crypto currency is just the first step