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How to Avoid Boring Your Marketing Event Attendees

In an era of digital saturation, live marketing events can be a breath of fresh air, offering direct interaction with your audience. However, even these events run the risk of becoming snooze-fests if not handled with care. Let’s delve into strategies that can keep your attendees engaged,

What Your Business Needs to Build a Loyal Customer Base

In the competitive landscape of e-business, establishing a loyal customer base is essential for sustained success. A loyal customer base not only ensures a steady stream of revenue but also amplifies brand reputation. Quality Products One of the fundamental pillars of building a loyal customer base is

Issues That Can Hurt Your E-Commerce Brand

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, the race to attract and retain customers is fierce. Entrepreneurs and marketing professionals must navigate a complex digital landscape, where small missteps can lead to significant brand damage. This guide focuses on three common areas that can hurt an e-commerce brand:

How to Do New Product Marketing the Right Way

Product marketing is an art that requires strategy, innovation, and a knack for understanding what customers truly want. When it comes to launching a new product, the stakes are higher and the window for making a positive first impression is small. Here’s how to ensure your new

How to Get More Foot Traffic Into Your Business

When you have a brick-and-mortar location for your business, a big part of your job is making sure that people come inside. Attracting foot traffic to your company is different from other kinds of marketing, so you need to invest in new and different modes of attracting

Why You Need a Proactive Marketing Strategy

Most businesses understand the importance of marketing. The problem is that most businesses don’t have a proactive marketing strategy. They wait until they need new customers before they start marketing, and by then it’s often too late. You must understand the importance of having a proactive marketing

How Your Business Can Punch Above its Weight

Especially for small local businesses, staying afloat can feel like a fight for your life. Staying competitive with the larger business competitors is a constant struggle, especially when they have more resources than you do. However, there are steps you can take that keep you ahead in

How to Increase Conversions for Your Online Business

The only way to increase your revenue and grow your online business is to increase your conversion rate. Unfortunately, just wishful thinking won’t make this happen. You need to form a solid conversion growth strategy to get people to stop dropping their carts. As you construct a

What to Know About Expanding Your Online Store to a Physical Location

The traditional method for most business owners has been establishing a physical storefront and then expanding to the digital marketplace. But in the age of e-commerce, the trend has been reversing, with many businesses starting entirely digital, and only later expanding to physical locations. For business owners

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | May 26, 2021

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | May 26, 2021 Top News This Week Google Shopping Gets an Upgrade Google has announced many new features aimed at making Google Shopping easier for brands to use and stand out from the crowd. Google is adding integrations with WooCommerce, GoDaddy and