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MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | January 22, 2020

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | January 23, 2020 Top News This Week   How Facebook Plans to Compete with Shopify and Amazon The next frontier for consumer brands is Social Commerce, and Facebook wants a piece. Facebook would love nothing more than to further increase their position

Google Travel – How Planning Your Next Trip is Now Easier Than Ever

Leave it up to Google to re-invent the world of travel on more time.  Just as most of us were recovering from all the New Year’s parties and celebrations, Google has also joined the party by launching their new and improved Google Travel platform. To add some

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | January 8, 2020

MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | January 8, 2020 Top News This Week New Year, New Newsletter, Even More Great Insights We are modifying the “Amazon Weekly” newsletter to now cover all of eCommerce and changing the name to “eCommerce Edge” instead. We will still cover plenty of

4 Ways to Improve the Reputation of Your Business

Throughout the past few decades, innovations in technology have allowed almost all aspiring entrepreneurs to attempt their hand at running their own business, whether it be a traditional brick and mortar or e-commerce store. The issue with this is that although the opportunities are certainly there, it

California Consumer Privacy Act – What You Need to Know

Last year, California passed a landmark privacy law that gives consumers more control over their data. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), enacted in 2018, creates new consumer rights relating to the access to, deletion of, and sharing of personal information that is collected by businesses. On October 10,

MGR – Amazon Weekly News – December 17, 2019

MGR Amazon Weekly Update | December 17, 2019 Top News This Week   3 eCommerce Guides for 2020 This will be the final newsletter we send this year, we will be back in January with even more insights for you to kill it in 2020. So to

Seven Strategies All Hoteliers Must Use to Grow Direct Bookings

In today’s competitive environment the fight between Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Metasearch engines, Global Distribution channels and websites to capture guests bookings is as fierce as it’s ever been.  It is clear that for hoteliers, driving bookings through their own website is the preferred path to

MGR – Amazon Weekly News – December 3, 2019

MGR Amazon Weekly Update | December 3, 2019 Top News This Week   Apple Pay Has Passed PayPal in eCommerce Checkout Volume, So if You’re Not Using it, You’re Missing Out Apple CEO, Tim Cook, reported that in Q3 Apple Pay processed more than 3 billion transactions

The Algebra of eCommerce Marketing – Your Success Formula

I know, the title may sound intimidating, especially if you hated math class at school, but I will make it very simple.  When it comes to eCommerce, the most important formula that you need to keep in mind is the following: Visitors X Conversion Rate X Customer

MGR – Amazon Weekly News – November 26, 2019

MGR Amazon Weekly Update | November 26, 2019 Top News This Week Amazon Sellers Can Now Request a Review Manually From Customers Amazon rolled out this new feature relatively quietly, never making an official announcement. Our team noticed it when managing customer accounts and saw that many