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DEBATE: Is OHM a Ponzi? w/ Jordi Alexander | Defi Mafia Podcast Ep 2

In this episode: On this episode David Gil and Jordi Alexander debate the merits of Olympus DAO and whether or not it’s a ponzi scheme/scam.    Check our other stuff out too: The Edge  Instagram  Facebook  LinkedIn  Medium  Twitter  MGR Agency Website This episode is brought

The L1 Wars: Avax vs Fantom vs Near + is OHM Dead? | DeFi Mafia Podcast Ep 1

 In this episode: In this episode of the DeFi Mafia podcast we discuss the current state of the L1 wars. We cover Avalanche, Fantom, Near, Harmony, and others. Next, we give our thoughts on the L0 narrative and compare Cosmos (ATOM) to Polkadot and Oct Network.

Alpha Watch #2: DeFi 3.0 is Here

Guest Post by: DeFi Mafia Greetings, we hope you’re all having a great first week of the year! It certainly started off with a bang as $NEAR, the topic of last week’s alpha watch has just hit new all time highs. Let’s see if we can keep the hot

Business Best Practices That Can Save You Money

Being a business owner can be stressful, especially if you aren’t sure how to manage your budget with the many expenses that you have. If you find that your business finances are a bit tight, you might want to find some ways to save money. Here are

An Overview of the DeFi Landscape: 2021 in Review

Guest Post by: DeFi Mafia 2021 in many ways was the year of a decade’s worth of dreams coming true. Total crypto market cap not only crossed the psychological $1 Trillion threshold, it skyrocketed to a peak of over $3 Trillion. In 2021 institutions and broader society

How to Make a Good First Impression When Meeting with Clients

A good first impression is essential when meeting clients. Your first impression will set the stage for the entire business relationship. To make a good impression, welcome them, listen to them, watch your body language, dress professionally, have a proper introduction, have confidence, and use specific language.

Workplace Benefits That Can Keep Your Employees Around

With today’s high rate of job mobility, retaining great employees isn’t as easy as it used to be. Workers want a position that offers them more than a paycheck. If they feel dissatisfied or stressed, they may start to look for a new job. A good benefits

Alpha Watch #1: Next Rotations & Small Cap Gems

Guest Post by: DeFi Mafia The future is $NEAR? We got a lot of great feedback and many new subscribers on our debut deep dive on Olympus DAO. We’re happy to have you all here, and very excited to start putting out more of what we hope you’ll

No One Understands Olympus DAO – Let’s Change That

This article originally appeared on DeFi Mafia’s Substack Newsletter > Clever Ponzi or Much More? My write up today was inspired by this CoinDesk article that has been making the rounds on crypto twitter recently. It’s well written and decently researched, but it’s clear the author does not fully

How to Increase Conversions for Your Online Business

The only way to increase your revenue and grow your online business is to increase your conversion rate. Unfortunately, just wishful thinking won’t make this happen. You need to form a solid conversion growth strategy to get people to stop dropping their carts. As you construct a