How Do I Make Google Work for Me

Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to boost your website traffic and online audience? Regardless of what services you offer on your website, be that Ecommerce, consultations, or written content, your site can gain more traffic and attention if you make Google work for you. Here are a couple ways to use Google to your advantage and see improvements on your website.

Optimize Your Site

When setting up a website, many people talk about how it is important to optimize your site for mobile use. However, it is also important to optimize your site for Google to make it more easily accessible for your viewers. This works by improving your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. You can improve your SEO in a variety of ways. Some of the most well-known approaches involve using key words and phrases that are related to your site’s purpose, services, or products. If these keywords or phrases are specific enough to your site, and popular enough on Google, your site will be more likely to be found when someone does an internet search with those keywords. As you use SEO to optimize your site for searches, Google will make your site more available to viewers, and you’ll be more likely to increase your site traffic. 

Pay Attention to Backlinks

Another way to improve your SEO is through backlinks. A backlink is when the written content on someone’s website includes a hyperlink that leads to your website. This is advantageous because as people read written content on the internet, they’ll notice interesting hyperlinks on other websites that will lead them back to your website. The more links you have leading to your website, the more likely your site is to be higher ranked in Google searches, which will in turn increase your traffic and rankings. If your audience increases due to your use of backlinks, your brand will also be strengthened. 

Use All the Features

When trying to improve your website traffic, it is important to use all of the features that are available to you on Google. There are lots of different features that you can use or pay for to help boost your advertising and SEO. This can include updated business descriptions, Q&A, service listings, and more. For example, you can pay to have your website be more readily visible in the results of certain Google searches. Using Google’s Merchant Center gives you access to advertising features you are otherwise missing out on. 

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

If you want your site to be more accessible on the internet, you need to make it mobile-friendly, optimizing it for mobile use. Currently, many people do Google searches on their mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. This can be super handy for your audience if they don’t have a computer handy, especially since many people find websites through social media pages. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile use, it will be difficult for users to Google your site and use it easily. This will cause you to lose a huge chunk of your potential audience and traffic. 

Google My Business

Another great resource that you can use to improve your website through Google is the Google My Business program. This program helps you to create a free website that includes mobile-optimization and other features like SEO. Your Google My Business website is linked to your Business Profile that you can create on Google. This profile usually comes up when people search your business or businesses that offer similar services. Whenever you update your profile with new products, hours, details, photos, or information, Google will also update your Google My Business website accordingly. 

Google Ads

In the past few years, online and social media business ads have absolutely exploded onto the online marketing scene. Small businesses have learned the benefits of creating ads and online content and the huge boost that they can give to a website’s traffic. When you’re spending your time and money creating ads for your business and website, don’t forget to use Google Ads as well. Not only does Google have a giant reach, much bigger than some social media sites, but it also allows for audience targeting. Google Ads allow you to target your ideal audience, guaranteeing that your site and content will research viewers that will be interested in your business. No matter what your advertising budget is, you’ll be able to use Google Ads to your advantage. 

Direct Messaging

One of the most important parts of running a website is providing communication lines for your customers. This can happen in many ways, including contact info tabs on your website and texting feature popups. Another great communication method that Google has made available is Direct Messaging through your Google My Business website and through Google Maps. This will allow your customers to message you through these sites directly. If you have a Google My Business account, you’ll be able to choose to use a phone number for this communication, either your personal number or Google’s Allo app. You’ll then be able to write responses that will be automated when customers ask certain questions. If your customers are able to contact you more quickly and easily, they’ll be more likely to pay for your products and services, as they will get their questions and inquiries answered more quickly.

If you’re trying to figure out how to make your business website more successful, remember that Google has countless tools that you can use to do so. Remember each of the approaches and tools that you’ve learned about in this article. Especially if you haven’t tried out each of the tools that were discussed in this article, make sure you do so as soon as possible. As you work through trial and error, you’ll find which Google features are going to work best for your company and you’ll find a way to be successful online. Stop working tirelessly for Google and your website traffic, make Google work for you instead!

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