This is an article that is long overdue but I’ve just now been able to sit down to write about it.  A few weeks ago, I posted a different article about the importance of using Video Marketing to promote your products and services.  Today I’m going to expand on that and show you how you can deliver the same message through different channels.

1.      Write fresh content about the topic.  This is quite clear as the above link to last month’s article demonstrates, so I won’t elaborate much more on that.  Once you write the article, you can also write variations of the same article and post those on other quality online channels, reputable Blogs, etc.

2.      Create a Video.  With your article already written, it is not too hard to convert it into a video commercial or an audio podcast.  You can see a video commercial version using kinetic typography below.   This is as simple as it gets.  You narrate the script, add kinetic typography to it, and you have a nice video to promote your services through multiple video channels.

3.      Distribute through Social Media: The completed video, is then posted on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and other social media channels.  Be sure to include proper title, description and tags so that your video is also found by search engines.  We recommend changing the description and key points (bullets) slightly from channel to channel so that it doesn’t appear to be ‘spammy’ for search engines.

4.      Add a New Dimension: Finally, a nice addition to reinforce your message is to create a compelling and informative infographic.  You can see the sample below for this particular message.  An infographic is a fairly new method to display information that is growing very rapidly.  As the name implies, it is just a mix of information + graphics that make it very easy for everyone to read and understand a particular concept.  Being a graphic, you can also post it on Pinterest, Facebook, your website, etc.  Be sure to save the graphic with a file name that is relevant to the topic (i.e. mgr-video-marketing-services.jpg) or something pertinent to your particular topic and relevant keywords.  If you save it as “pic1.jpg” or some generic name, it won’t be helping you much.

MGR Video Marketing Services

So to recap, rather than limiting your marketing to a single channel, you can easily increase the effectiveness exponentially if you create variations of the same theme for multiple channels.  You write an article, create a video or audio podcast, design an infographic, distribute each element though a number of marketing and social media channels, and you will soon discover how much faster you establish your authority and increase your branding through Internet Marketing.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these options or need assitance with your Internet Marketing, please drop us a line or leave us a voice mail at  We have a cool Voice Mail widget that you want to try! Or simply leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.
Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)