They say that an image is worth a thousand words.  In our case, we’ve created an Infographic which is the next best thing!  2014 has been a fantastic year for MGR Consulting Group and our team is super-proud of all the projects that we’ve managed to complete in just 365 days.  So much so, that when I commissioned one of our researchers to come up with the facts & figures for an infographic, she had a hard time compiling so many projects in so little time.

Here’s what a year in the life of MGR Consulting Group looks like, or more accurately, what we were able to produce for our clients in 2014.

  • 70+ Responsive Websites & Landing Pages Launched
  • 120+ Original Blog Articles
  • 62 MGR WebBooks
  • 8 Mobile Web Apps
  • 800+ Email Campaigns
  • 112 eNewsletters
  • 35 Holiday eCards
  • 50+ Online Photo Galleries
  • 2,000+ Advertising Banners
  • 200+ Print Ad Designed
  • 22 Local Area Restaurant Guides
  • 25 Marketing Videos
  • 24 Infographics
  • 100+ Area Maps (Interactive and Static Designs)
  • 300+ Flyers Designed
  • 150+ Original SEO Articles Written and Distributed
  • 2,800+ PPC Campaign Actions
  • 6,500+ Social Media Posts
  • 376 Flash Banners

But forget the bullets, we are a design agency after all, so take a look at the infographic below and enjoy!

MGR 2014 Year In Review

Of course, we couldn’t have completed any of these projects if it weren’t for the outstanding group of clients and partners that we work with every day!  But now that 2014 is rapidly coming to an end, it’s time to start setting our goals for 2015, and believe me, we have plenty of goals and fun projects already in the works.  So here’s to a very happy and successful 2015 and to the many projects and challenges that we will have ahead of us in the months to come!


Manuel Gil del Real