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For marketing professionals, the rapid change of today’s marketing options can be quite challenging. The success of their business depends primarily, on how they can convince the rest of the “always busy” people of the world to take a short break to learn, read, listen or take a look at their marketing message.  With the average attention span for a person these days hovering at around 6-8 seconds, that’s all the time you have to ‘sell’ your customers something they don’t know they need.

According to a study done by Microsoft, the rising dominance of smartphones, mobile data, messaging apps, and social media is the cause behind falling attention rates.

This is something that really fascinates our team.  We’ve spent a number of years working and studying marketing trends and consumer behavior as it relates to people’s daily lives and what influences their decision-making process.  One thing has become clear to us over the years: when it comes to marketing trends, it’s a black and white debate. Either people believe and see what is coming in the future or they don’t and choose to live their lives in complete denial.  But numbers don’t lie.

The “Attention” of the end consumer (read all of us) is decreasing, while the demand for attention is increasing. We all have mobile devices in our pockets or purses that pack more power than the original super computers; we deal with Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications every day, Augmented Reality (AR) is growing fast, and Virtual Reality (VR) is rapidly expanding into a number of industries.

You can rest assured that at MGR we will not propose something to any client until we have tried it ourselves and have proven it to be effective. We are practitioners that actually play the game on our own dime rather than just watching other people play to decide whether something works or doesn’t work for our clients.  We choose to develop our own experience rather than recommend something based on third party results.

Are you targeting the right demographic group, or are you targeting the right geographic locations, or are you targeting them in their time zone, income level, language, hobbies, and on and on… It’s no longer one-size-fits-all and hope it will stick. It’s day-trading attention backed up by a lot of research. The amount of time spent by our team on a single and well-targeted Instagram ad is incredible and not the stereotypical image of a selfie taken at a coffee shop. That’s the difference between succeeding and failing. It is far more a mix of strategy and art than many people realize.

We see how this works every day.  A significant percentage of eCommerce sales and online transactions of all types rely on customer reviews.  Podcasts, mobile apps, online retailers, service businesses, they all achieve top ranks thanks to customer reviews and recommendations.  Ranking algorithms – including those of search engines or Amazon product search – are developed to reward those who achieve higher relevance among their competitors, making it very difficult to debunk a top seller once they get to the top.

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Thank you for reading.  Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR).