MGR Website Design

MGR Website Design

Do you have a story to tell or a product to sell?  Do you need help with your new website but don’t know where to start? Or are you stuck with an old website that was ‘free’ but it’s actually costing you money and customers every day?

Those are actually questions based on website inquiries that we receive every day.  You’re not alone, and at MGR, we know exactly what you need.  Whether you’re looking for a fully customized website, or a simple, low cost, and turn-key option to showcase your business online, we have a solution for you.

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With the launch of our new MGR website, we’ve also added a number of MGR Website packages that are very simple; we now offer multiple and clearly defined pricing options, no hidden fees, and no long term contracts.   You find what you like, you order it, and we do the rest for you.  It’s that simple!  We even assign a project manager to assist you with any questions along the way.

The new website packages are based on the input that we have received from the majority of our customers and they are designed to streamline the process, from website format selection to website completion.  The pricing is also ultra-competitive and even if you start by producing a lower tier website, you can always scale it up to a more customized version anytime.

Take a look at these options (and click through to see the actual prices too)

MGR CUSTOM DESIGNED WEBSITE: This is our traditional custom website.  You set the budget and we design a unique website for your business from scratch. Contact Us to Discuss Your Project >

MGR MULTI-PLATFORM PRE-BUILT WEBSITE (MOBILE – TABLET READY): Select one of our Multi-Platform Pre-Built WordPress templates and get an effective and adaptive website for a fraction of the cost. Learn More > 

MGR STANDARD PRE-BUILT WEBSITE: if you want a low cost website with great looks without the mobile device compatibility, this option is for you. Learn More >

MGR CUSTOM WORDPRESS THEME WEBSITE: Select your WordPress theme, send us your content and we will set up your website so you can maintain it in-house with all WordPress features. Learn More >

We also make it very easy to request additional help if you need any updates after it launches.  You can simply order any type of hourly work and our team of designers and programmers will complete any upgrades that you need right away.   
And of course, all of our Website Production Services include flexible hosting plans to meet your individual needs.
Let us create a website that will do the selling for you!

Contact us today at www.MGRWebServices.comand show the world how successful you are! and if you know of any friends that could benefit from these packages, please share this information with them.
Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)