The key to achieve good page rankings with Google is not so much in “perfecting” all of your SEO techniques to the umpteenth  degree, but rather in creating “good quality content.”  Of course, we all ask “what type of content is “good quality content” in Google’s eyes?”  Well, here’s a handy list that most SEO experts seem to agree on.

1. Interviews. Regardless of the type of context and environment where they take place, interview articles with “experts” in a particular field always provide fresh content and are a “magnet” for Google rankings.

2. Lists. Web users love lists.  Notice the title of this article?  Lists and rankings are easy to read, attract a lot of users, referrals, and a variety of viewers reactions and Google likes that type of popularity too.

3. Resource Centers. Google loves “Resource Centers” or section of websites, landing pages, etc. that include tons of content and educational information about a particular subject matter.  If you can become an “authority” in your field and write extensively about it, Google will reward you.
4. Social Content. Need we say more?  Frequent Facebook updates, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course, YouTube video content are like candy that Google loves to see and will very likely help your rank.
5. Surveys and Research. Research studies and surveys are a great way to distribute your information in a manner that is easy to understand and assimilate by a large number of readers.  Good –original- content is always rewarded.
6. Revisions and Updates. One of the key factors that has made Wikipedia such a high impact on the Internet and one of the best ranking websites is the constant influx of content updates.  Refresh your content frequently and Google will love to update your ranking too.
7. Product Reviews and Commentary. Similar to the above point, if your website provides fresh user generated content, product reviews and commentary, your fresh content will be rewarded by Google.
8. Comparison Charts. Web visitors love to compare different products and services and having pages that provide that type of information laid out on a simple page will make that page a favorite for Google too.
9. News. Just like in the old broadcasting days, he who breaks the news first, will get the most viewers.  If you publish the story first, Google will also rank you higher and sooner than those who will follow your lead. 
10. Case Studies and Investigative Reports. In similar fashion as number 5 above, case studies, investigative reports and product tests provide unique content that will result in higher rankings.
11. Negative Feedback. Passionate negative feedback, rants and complaints that are posted online, for some reason also have the likelihood to be picked up by Google and rank quite high.  This could be a bad thing many times and it will require thorough work to restore your reputation over time.
12. Stories. True stories published online via Web 2.0 websites, articles, etc. especially if they are surrounding brands, or famous people will usually rank higher as they also attract more viewers eager to read them.
13. Predictions. Stories including “Predictions” about the future (whether in sports, politics, stock market or any other topic) are usually full of original content and tend to rank higher faster than other articles.  They are also more prone to being linked to from other websites, therefore increasing your Pagerank score. 
14. Questions. Do you ever start typing a question on Google and see Google guessing the rest for you?  Google loves “How to”, “What if..” and most type of questions that bring up user generated content. 
15. Prices. Product names and descriptions are more likely to rank higher if they also include the price versus the same product listed without the price.  Google is above all, trying to please consumer preferences and since consumers prefer to see all the information including pricing, so does Google.  So if you hide your prices, you will be hiding from Google too!
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