In case you’ve missed it, Amazon is slowly becoming a third major advertising platform following the steps of Google and Facebook.  And again, following Google’s recent name update from Google AdWords to simply Google Ads and Facebook’s own Facebook Ads platform,  Amazon’s ad platform has also been renamed to become Amazon Advertising.

What this means is that rather than selling advertising products through three separate advertising services — Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Amazon Media Group (AMG) and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) — Amazon has now consolidated everything into one single platform called Amazon Advertising.  According to Paul Kotas, SVP of Amazon Advertising, “We’ve unified our product offerings under the name ‘Amazon Advertising.’ This is another step towards our goal of providing advertising solutions that are simple and intuitive for the hundreds of thousands of advertisers who use our products to help grow their business.” 

Among other changes, a few of the more relevant ones are:

  • The former Amazon Advertising Platform is being renamed Amazon’s DSP (Amazon’s demand-side platform).  This in effect, is Amazon’s own programmatic advertising platform.  See a more detailed description below.
  • Headline Search Ads have been renamed Sponsored Brands.
  • The Amazon Marketing Services Console is being renamed the Advertising Console.

The New Amazon Advertising Product Offerings

Amazon Advertising now encompasses all ad products including Amazon’s DSP, video ads, display ads, stores, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Amazon’s measurement solutions.

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands: This option allows advertisers to promote their products or brand to make it even easier for customers to discover and purchase products on Amazon.

Display ads With the use of display ads, you can reach relevant audiences on Amazon and third-party sites and apps using customizable brand or e-commerce dynamic banners.  A second variety called Product Display Ad is also available for advertisers who sell products on Amazon to drive traffic to their product detail pages.

Video ads: Our MGR team can create custom branded video ads to help you tell your story.  The video ads will run on Amazon’s trusted channels including IMDb, on exclusive Amazon devices such as Fire TV or Fire tablet, and across third-party sites and apps.

Amazon Ad Types - MGR Blog

Stores:  Now, whether you’re a vendor or a seller, we can create your own mini-website including a custom branded URL to showcase your store on Amazon.  Use Amazon’s audience drawing power to attract new customers to your brand and let your branded store tell your story and display your product portfolio.  A real effective way to increase your sales exponentially.

Amazon DSP:  Amazon’s newest version of its demand-side platform allows us to advertise your products via programmatic advertising.  We can create and reach custom audiences created just for you on Amazon sites and apps as well as through Amazon’s direct publisher relationships and third-party exchanges.  What is best is that our MGR team can also manage, optimize, and report your programmatic campaign results in conjunction with your regular monthly performance reports.

And speaking of reports, MGR’s complete reporting package includes monthly campaign reporting, retail insights, and third-party reporting.  Your dedicated account manager will discuss the reports with your team each month to go over the impact of your campaigns and optimize marketing strategies to continue achieving positive results.

Thank you for reading.  Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR).

Source & Image: Amazon