Your Business in the Cloud – Infinite Possibilities

Cloud Computing -  MGRTechnology progresses faster and faster every day and for most people and businesses it’s becoming quite a challenge to keep up with it, let alone anticipate what’s going to be the “next big idea.”

Not so many years ago, there were Mainframe computers, those humongous dinosaurs that started the automated revolution. Over the years, the huge boxes were optimized and scaled down in size into several iterations of what we now call Personal Computers or PCs. That transformation took a bit of time, but since then, the computer evolution has moved much faster. Today we are all working in the cloud and especially mobile.

Again, most people don’t even know yet what cloud computing means and are too afraid to ask. Mobile computing is driving IT departments crazy. The traditional hard drive has its days numbered and some say that it’s already dead. Just look around you. Everyone is getting their information through their iPhones, Android devices and tablets. From these devices, you connect to the Cloud, read documents, post revisions, share with others, and the cycle start all over again. And where is the PC and the hard drive in this picture? Dead, that’s where it is.

Small businesses are hit the hardest by this quick transformation. How can they handle the integrity of all documentation and information across so many different platforms? Large enterprises have healthy budgets to allocate to their IT departments to keep up with the latest technology and maintain some type of control over their employees’ use of mobile computing. Young and location independent entrepreneurs have “grown” with the new technology and are embracing and loving every new step that helps them improve their productivity while maintaining their independent lifestyle.

Small business owner however, are caught in between. Not enough budget or resources have their own IT department or to keep up with the frequent technology updates and lack of agility, knowledge and time to implement any new standard procedures across their work force.

What is a fact is that cloud storage, cloud computing and mobile computing are here to stay and it’s only going to grow from here. It is up to each business owner and entrepreneur to keep up with progress or become annihilated by it, just like the hard drive will. Today’s largest technology companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and many others, have already made and continue to make huge investments to grow and promote their cloud offerings.


The Cloud is a Multi-Product Marketplace


As I type this document, I’m in Newport Beach, CA, far away from my Phoenix office, using a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, connected to the cloud (SkyDrive) via hotspot where I have access to more than 200 GB of storage space at my fingertips as well as the entire Microsoft Office Suite 2013, all of this in the cloud. But that’s not all. I can easily keep track or our MGR Agency production schedule and a long list of other reports though our Google Docs account, send and share all types of files via Dropbox to our clients and attend webinars or video calls with my team via Skype. Try doing that 10 years ago, or just 5 years ago!

So here’s a good New Year’s Resolution for all small businesses that are feeling a little overwhelmed by all of this. Make 2014 the year that you gain new traction, embrace new technologies and become fully integrated with today’s way of doing business. Our team at MGR Consulting Group can help you define the best road map for your particular needs. And if or when the hard drive actually dies, you will be ready to let it go!

Where are you in this spectrum? Are you taking full advantage of the new technology landscape or do you feel like you’re catching up or falling behind? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to reply to me or leave your comment below. I personally reply to all questions.

Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)


*Photo by Independent Data Solutions