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If customers do not trust your business, they will not support it by buying your services. That rule is as iron-clad as they come in the business world, and you need to carefully plan how you deal with customers. Here are three steps that you can take to build trust with your customers.

Effective Marketing

When you market to your customers, you should set a manageable target in your marketing. This goal should be something that you know your business can meet. This target becomes a promise that you make to your customers. When you keep any guarantee that you have made to clients, it shows that you are a business that delivers. When you are seen to keep at least one promise, you have built a track record that you can use to demonstrate your trustworthiness. According to Yonyx, “keeping promises to customers is a business necessity today, in order to achieve customer loyalty. In today’s competitive business scenario, customers have a huge number of choices and they are unlikely to stay with a company that is unable to inspire confidence and trust.” Your marketing can set the stage for this by making an easily-kept guarantee.

Use Reviews

Customers will almost always try to find a review of a product or service before they purchase it. After all, how willing would you be to buy from a business with only 2 stars? According to Podium, “over 90 percent of consumers seek out and read customer reviews prior to visiting or using a business, most of whom trust the reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations.” As a result, you should encourage customers to give your business reviews, and you should embrace these reviews. Use any negative reviews as a learning experience to help your business improve its product and delivery.

Keep an Open Dialogue

Your business should never lose sight of its customers. The more that they feel like they can talk to you, the more that they will trust your business. You should encourage real-time and open communication in as many different forums as possible. According to Customer Think, “managing your various modes of communication is vital for success. If not in person, the phone remains the best tool for communicating effectively in sales. If you can’t get your customer on their landline, request a mobile number. Certain customers respond better to email or a direct message via LinkedIn or other social media platform. Whatever the preferred mode of communication, accommodate the customer.” When customers feel like they have a stake in your business, they will trust you more. This comes as a result of both compromise and client interactions. When you have this dialogue, make sure that you are seen as respecting your customers as much as possible without seeming obsequious. In other words, this dialogue should strike the right tone when publicly dealing with your clients.

While your business sells to its customers, in reality, you are in a partnership with those who buy from you. When that relationship is rooted in trust, the business relationship will likely be deepened.

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