MGR Responsive Website DesignThe Web is a highly dynamic environment. Things change fast, and often in huge and unexpected ways. If you are working in the online sphere, you should learn how to adapt, manage and even instigate change if you don’t want to be left behind by the competition.

However, being in tune with the shifts and turns in the market does not mean that you should blindly go with the flow. As trends go, some are merely fleeting fads while others will be embraced and upheld for the years to come. It is the responsibility of the digital professional to have the critical skills and know-how to discern which trends should be ignored, and which are worth the investment.

When it comes to website design trends, the following are expected by industry movers and leaders to most likely be here to stay:

Flat and Simple Design – No More Clutter. Busy homepages with so many action choices for visitors are things of the past. Today, the trend is massive and minimal – a single full-screen image, with a few words in beautiful typography on top of it. Navigation buttons are minimal, hidden or removed altogether (ghost buttons are the dominant choice). Focus on vivid colors, sharp edges, open spaces, simple content. The result is a focused, targeted impact that leads the audience to go to a specific place or to take a single action that yields the most benefit.

Stunning typography. The trend is big, bold and beautiful. The text you see onscreen plays multiple roles: attention grabber, message bearer, copy enhancer and pure work of art. This focus on typography does not only take the aesthetics of the site to another level. It also enhances site usability and readability and improves content, by enhancing concepts or adding another layer of meaning to it.

Scrolling wins over clicking. Long scrolling pages used to be a big “no-no” in the past. Everything had to be crammed “above the fold.” Not anymore. With the popularity of social media sites, users are now accustomed to scrolling down the page while searching for more information. In fact, nowadays, users expect modern website design to present them everything they need to know in just one single page. Instead of making multiple clicks to get to the next step of the story or to access other areas of the site, designers now create long and interactive Web pages that present information all in one place. Remember, whenever possible, scrolling down is much more user-friendly than clicking on several buttons. The fewer clicks are required, the better.

Responsive design – Consistent experience. I’ve discussed responsive design several times in the past so I won’t expand much more here. If you still use a different website for desktop and mobile, it’s time for you to update. All of the above points are actually the result of the popularity of responsive design. Give your users a consistent experience on all devices, from desktop computers to wearable devices. A clean and minimalistic design with modern fonts and easy navigation is all you need. And did I mention that search engines will reward you too? No excuse to keep your old site. This is one of those situations when standing still will really cause you to go backwards.

Upgraded privacy. Building trust is still one of the hardest challenges faced by businesses operating in a virtual environment. Consumers know that their data is valuable, and that some parties can use it to do harmful and illegal activities. That’s why an increasing number of companies are preparing to invest more for stronger privacy features, such as more sophisticated trust forms and checkout software with added protection.

If your website needs a facelift or if you simply think that it is not performing as it used to anymore, let our MGR Web Services Team take care of it for you. You will not be disappointed!

Thank you for joining me. Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)