This time, it’s Twitter that is in trouble. We discuss the recent hack of high-profile Twitter accounts, was it an inside job? Then we move on to the situation with the USA and Global economy. Manuel ends with his “Rant of the Week.”

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Twitter Gets Hacked – The Inside Job

Several high-profile Twitter accounts got hacked on July 14.  Preliminary investigations reveal that it was a Twitter employee who somehow provided access to Twitter’s internal admin tools.  And those admin tools, revealed quite a bit about Twitter’s ability to manipulate and control the conversations and trends on the platform.  What next?

The Global Economy Downward Spiral

The US Economy is heading in the wrong direction.  There’s a huge disconnect between Wall Street, Main Street, The Fed, and by extension, the World’s central banks.  All of a sudden, it seems like printing money is the only solution, but that will just get every country deeper into trouble.   The sad news is that there’s no easy or popular solution to this problem, so don’t expect any President or global leader to provide a long term solution while working on a 4 year re-election plan.

Rant of the Week:

Finally, it’s been around six months since the pandemic started, yet we know about it just about the same that we knew six months ago, which is next to zero.  We’re still debating whether wearing masks is a solution or a pointless band-aid, we’re still debating how the virus spreads, who’s more at risk, and what the real mortality is for individuals with no pre-existing health conditions.  Each country is now starting to “shoot from the hip” and hoping to aim right, yet, citizens around the world are getting more and more frustrated.  Every new COVID-19 headline now becomes a political headline rather than a health news headline.  There’s no leadership and unfortunately, the US is not leading by example either.  Patience has a limit.

All that and more in this episode of MGR Unplugged.

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