The Arizona Biltmore Golf Club is located near the majestic Phoenix mountain preserve. Second to none, their golf courses come with privileges, prestige, and proximity. They offer tee times to non-members (both AZ residents and non-residents), as well as paying members who have purchased a membership for the golf club. They also like to mix it up and go outside of the box sometimes.

Speaking of which, have you ever heard of FootGolf before? Essentially, it’s a combination of soccer and golf. Just like golf, you start by teeing off, but everything is done like soccer, meaning you kick the ball. Lowest score wins, so you’re driving, playing from the fairway, and putting with your feet. Holes typically average around 150 yards overall and (of course) the cup is much larger on the green, allowing for the ball to drop in when putting. In fact, they have a course for you to play on here at the Biltmore.

Foot Golf - Teeing Off

They pride themselves on being progressive with everything that they do. This is another opportunity for them to offer this unique, exciting sport to their loyal guests. The precision skill of FootGolf is very similar to golf. They’re big fans of it because there are so many similarities between the two. And you’re still dealing with the same challenges that the golf course will throw at you. Hills, bunkers, water hazards, and so forth.

The uniform attire is exactly the same, but they recommend indoor turf soccer shoes for the best grip. The particular course, pricing, and timing changes, so check out the FootGolf Tee Times page for more details and information. Ball rentals are also available for a small fee, so don’t stress if it’s your first time.

Their Phoenix Golf Course has a vast history behind it. They’ve had many U.S. Presidents and Foreign Leaders stay at their resort and play at their golf course. The Arizona Biltmore has been a destination of luxury and inspiration for over 85 years now. With nearly 40 acres of gardens, gorgeous swimming pools, and iconic architecture, the experience is truly like none other.

Their long history makes them extremely well versed and experienced when it comes to providing a fun, private stay, including the best services and amenities.

For more information on booking a tee time, give them a call at 602-955-9656.