It is easy for businesses to gradually slip into unhealthy cultures. You might do everything you can think of to maintain a positive work environment and the culture can still slip out of your grasp. Luckily, there are ways to get back on track and change the culture of your business for the better.

Define Your Vision

Your vision for your company might be crystal clear to you, but it might not be translating to your employees as well as you think it is. It is important to be more clear and direct than you think you have to be when sharing your vision. Use the following strategies when formulating your vision:

  • Your vision is the “why” of everything you do. 
  • Your vision should be written down in a clear and concise vision statement.
  • Your vision statement should be concrete, rather than abstract. 
  • Your vision statement should be inspiring. 

Once your vision statement is formulated, share it with your employees at every opportunity. Include it in your printed materials, workshops, training, and meetings. 

Look for Areas of Improvement

Sometimes, cultural slippage is the byproduct of complaisance. Complaisance doesn’t have to be intentional. Sometimes, it is the result of a reactive rather than a proactive mindset. Luckily, you can change that mindset at any time. Instead of reacting to everything that hits your business as it comes, try to slow down and proactively look for areas of improvement. For example, a lot of time and money is wasted when a company’s processes lack efficiency. You can learn a lot about your company’s processes by observing employees doing their work. Look for areas that could be streamlined or simplified.

Lead the Way

Changing the culture of your business will take time and dedication, but you can expedite the process by leading the way through your example. Looking in a mirror to discover your personal weaknesses is never comfortable, but it might be necessary if you want your work culture to change. The workplace has an unspoken undercurrent of energy that defines “how things are done,” and the business owner often sets that stage. If you want a positive, inclusive, productive, and safe culture at your business then you need to be positive, go out of your way to be inclusive, work hard, and help people feel safe in your presence. 


Initiating a culture change at work can feel like an uphill battle. However, change will gradually occur as you focus on defining your vision, being proactive, and leading the way. Most importantly, never give up on your team. Change really can occur!

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