Whether you’re staying at The Envoy Hotel, or you’re a local visiting the Outlook Kitchen & Bar for a few drinks with friends, there’s plenty of interesting, elegant things to do in and around Boston. All its history, mixed with the innovative nature of the city, makes for a unique landscape of locations and views to experience. The best hatched plans are carefully thought through and mapped out. Why not do the same with the sophisticated sights you’d like to see? Let’s begin.

Boston Arts Museum

#1 – Attend A Wine Tasting

From private functions to public free tastings, you’ll need to be the one to decide what type of event you’re interested in attending. There’s many to choose from throughout the city. The Boston Winery has weekly tastings on Saturdays for $10, while the Central Bottle has free tastings on select dates. Check each website for the dates, times and locations, so you can plan your visit ahead of time.

#2 – Experience Exquisite Artwork

Boston is a fabulous city for experiencing many different types of art. The Museum of Fine Arts makes for a great place to start. The Institute of Contemporary Art is another that may tickle your fancy. Another unique way to take in a variety of experiences is through the Boston Open Studios Coalition Program. There’s a whole schedule of events where you can meet artists, purchase their work, listen to music, and much more.

#3 – Tour A University

Large, prestigious campuses are all nearby in Boston. They are a college town after all. MIT, Tufts University, and Harvard to name a few; these historic campus are all unique gems within the city. Harvard University offers a self-guided audio tour through their mobile app. MIT also has a downloadable map that highlights all of the must-see spots on campus.

#4 – Enjoy A Performance

Live music, theater, comedy, and more; with venues all across the city, there are many shows to enjoy attending at venues like the Orpheum Theater, Berklee Performance Center, and Boston Center for the Arts. Go for a show, and then bring your friends back for drinks and dessert to discuss the fantastic performance you just experienced.

#5 – Appreciate Literature

The literary scene continues to thrive within the city, in big part to many of the world’s greatest writers calling Boston home over the years. At the Boston Public Library, there’s the classic, grand Bates Hall reading room, a great place to start off your day. Next stop, there’s a whole Literary District in Boston, where you can visit the city’s best novel landmarks and popular bookshops.

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