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Google AdWords has become a must-have in any forward-thinking business owners’ arsenal of tools for effective marketing. But while it can be exciting to see how it can yield positive results for a business, it can also be overwhelming to go through all of its key features and decide on the best ones to use for specific campaigns.

So if you’re aiming to increase your competitiveness and attain your unique marketing goals, it will be a good idea to focus on seven particular Google AdWords tools. These top 7 new AdWords tools to improve your campaigns can help you discover valuable functions with a positive impact:

1. Enhanced Google Web Designer for HTML5

This feature allows you to create rich animated image ads on HTML5 that are optimized for both mobile and desktop devices. Higher quality ads made more engaging with animation can help draw more attention from consumers.

2. App Promotion

If you have your own app, AdWords enables you to promote it by providing search engine users with a button that, when clicked, will already install the app to their device, instead of merely directing them to a website ad.

3. Ad Customizers

You’re surely aware of how putting a time limit on a particular product promotion can help motivate consumers to make a purchase, out of their fear of missing out. You do this by putting out ads indicating that you only have X number of days left to get the best deals from a sale.

Traditionally, you would have to update your ad copy every day to ensure that the correct time period is reflected. The AdWords Ad Customizer makes it simpler to do this by allowing you to enter a syntax around when your promotion will end, and every time someone views your ad, the correct value will be displayed with respect to the time the search was performed. The tool can be used for other customizations, too.

4. Demographic Targeting

The Google Display Network lets you glean more information about the people who are viewing your ads. Your ad engagement will be effectively broken down in terms of the viewers’ age, gender and parental status, giving you more insight into your ads’ audiences. You can also set your ads to appear only to retired seniors or pre-teens, for example, if those are your target markets.

5. Callout Extensions

When you add callout extensions to the ad that online users will see when they type your keywords into a search engine, your displayed ad will include additional lines of text that describe the benefits that consumers stand to gain from your product or service.

These additional lines, your callout extensions, are not clickable — they won’t lead people to your site or landing page. However, they do bring more attention to your ad as well as play up the advantages of your offer.

6. AdWords Editor

Because editing ads on Web-based Google AdWords can be a slow process, this feature was created to allow users to download all their ad campaigns in bulk so they can complete their editing on a desktop device, which can be much faster in this case.

7. Website Call Conversions

AdWords created this feature to allow business owners to track the number of people who contacted their company by phone after being directed to the website by search ads. The phone number on your site will become a forwarding number; you now have an effective way of monitoring how many calls were made by people referred to your site by AdWords.

With Google now eliminating the side ads from the display pages, it’s now more important than ever to make sure that your paid campaigns are utilizing all tools available to secure a top rank.  You can see in the graphic below what the new SERP looks like.



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