Today we discussed where we expect eCommerce to be headed for the rest of 2020 and into 2021, then we discuss the fall of retail and malls, and we finish with our thoughts on what we think will happen to universities in the near future.

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Little by little, our lives are getting back to normal or the “new” normal.  Stores are opening, restaurants are trying to stay open, people are starting to travel to domestic destinations, hotels are re-opening too… So what has changed, and for how long?

And when it comes to eCommerce, what trends have started to take shape over the past 2-3 months?  We’re seeing big moves by the larger platforms, including Shopify, Facebook, Google, etc. all of them trying to lure away some disgruntled sellers from Amazon.  All in all, the eCommerce landscape has evolved in 3 months what was expected to evolve in the next 4-5 years.  It’s survival of the fittest or more accurately, the most flexible to adapt to these rapid changes in consumer behavior.

And speaking of behavior, a lot of college students are beginning to question the value of paying high tuition fees to colleges that will only offer online classes.  The entire college tuition, student loans system has been broken for quite some time and the pandemic has just exposed some of the colleges greedy behavior over the past decade increasing tuition at 10 times the pace of inflation.  The government guarantees student loans, banks have to regret lending any amount since it is a risk-free loan for them, and colleges have been increasing tuition at will year after year.  In the end, the students were always on the losing end of this scheme.

What do you think?  Take a listen and let us know your thoughts.

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