Coronavirus unintended consequences. Becoming more health-conscious. What will China do to overcome the economic backlash. Small businesses with no contingency plans. Amazon fights prize gouging. Will Robinhood survive? And much more!

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In this episode Manuel is joined by David to discuss some of the unintended consequences of the new “Coronavirus Economy.”

Are we all becoming more health-conscious? As Coronavirus cases increase, flu cases are down.  Keep washing your hands people!

California declares state of emergency.  Not good for the so-called “5th Largest Economy in the World.”

What will China do to overcome the economic backlash.  Printing more money can only go so far.  They’ve already bought a large number of American iconic companies, prime real estate, and farm land.  Read More

Are we going to make China great again by selling to their investment groups all of our assets?  Read More

As manufacturing in China comes to a halt, will small businesses with no contingency plans able to survive?  Read More

In the meantime, those who are surviving are taking advantage of the situation.  What is Amazon doing to fight prize gouging?  Is it enough? Read More

In other news, Robinhood had another server outage, only this time it happened when the market went up almost 5% leaving its investors literally in the dark.  One more blow to Robinhood that is already struggling to survive.  Read More

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