Manuel and David try to make sense of everything happening around us and around the world.  From the new stimulus package to how each of us -confined or not- are dealing with this crisis.

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  • What are we doing now that you weren’t doing or doing so much before confinement?  Exercise, reading, business planning, reflecting?
  • The government stimulus package just passed.  What that means for us and how much will it help.
  • With people confined in their homes, Facebook and Twitter traffic is increasing, yet their ad revenue is decreasing.
  • With more businesses closing during the pandemic, ad campaigns are being paused around all ad channels.
  • American companies need to focus on building factories in the US.  “Made in the USA” should be the new normal.  One of the few companies with factories in the USA large enough to produce masks, ventilators, in a short term, is Tesla.  Even Apple can’t build anything to help with the crisis since they manufacture everything in China.
  • Why most US Pharmaceutical companies for our own medications and medical supplies.  It puts the US in a very fragile and vulnerable situation.
  • On a positive note, if companies start planning on moving production and manufacturing to the US, a good long term result would be more jobs in the US and less outsourcing to other countries.  We could close our borders anytime during global crisis or pandemics and still be completely self-sufficient.  The country as a whole in quarantine would survive just fine.
  • Another lesson from this crisis is that Colleges around the US and the world should decrease their tuition significantly since we’ve finally proved that distance learning is just as effective as on campus classes.

Other thoughts to consider when the Pandemic is over.