It’s Labor Day Weekend. We take a quick look at the latest tech news and updates as this strange summer comes to an end.

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In this episode:

We start with a brief recap of the NBA playoffs, then…

TikTok update, will China restrictions on Technology sales affect the purchase by any American company?

DTC updates. Liquid I.V. acquired by Unilever

The war on health tracking devices. Amazon’s launches its own health band, and it’s just a copy of Whoop’s own strap.

Is Apple launching 5G phones in October? And how wide is 5G connectivity in the US today?

Apple’s new IOS14 may require users to Opt-In to tracking and ad targeting. So rather than opt-in being the default and opting-out optional, now users will have to manually opt-in to receive targeted ads. How will this affect digital marketers?

It’s Labor Day weekend and major movie theaters are planning to re-open, with Tenet being the main new release. How will the movie experience be in the COVID era? Can movie theaters survive without concessions sales?

Meanwhile, the COVID contradictions continue. In NYC, Mayor Di Blasio says that restaurants in NYC cannot allow people inside until there’s a vaccine. Basically, killing most restaurants chance to survive. Yet, in the same state, Gyms are allowed to open starting in September. Makes zero sense to us.

Finally, even if a vaccine is ready this fall, how many people will actually take it? It seems like nobody wants to be the first, but we’ll see…

All that and more in this episode of MGR Unplugged.

What do you think?  Take a listen and let us know your thoughts.

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