Amazon Prime Day exceeds expectations, iPhone 12 fails to impress, 5G is not what you would expect, and supersonic flights are on the way back.

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Amazon Prime Day preliminary results show that global sales on October 13 and 14 should hit about $9.9 billion, including more than $6 billion in the U.S. alone, according to projections from eMarketer. That’s up 43% over Prime Day in 2019, when the event took place in July.

New Apple iPhone Lineup fails to impress.  Is a better camera enough? or the 5G option when 5G is not widely available yet (more on that below).  And Apple focuses so much on the environment that sacrifices customer satisfaction by removing the charger and the earphones from your package.
Understanding 5G options. Yes we’re getting closer to being able to use 5G but not all 5G connections are created equal.  Low band, mid-band, ultra wide band, or millimeter band… too much technical jargon and everyone is confused.  We get to the bottom line.
Supersonic Flights: 17 years since the last Concorde flight in October of 2003, Boom Supersonic unveils its prototype for a commercial supersonic jet: the XB-1.  Scheduled to start testing in 2021, it promises to be a great option for those willing to pay $5,000 to half their travel time.  We’re excited to follow their progress over the next months.

All that and much more in this episode of MGR Unplugged.

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