area-thumb-41The Seaport District used to be just an area with parking lots, businesses, and one or two old school restaurants. Recent developments have changed all that, turning what used to be Boston’s usual address into one of the best areas for shopping, dining, partying, and a bit of exploring.

With more than your fair share of things to do, it only makes sense to find a place to stay in the area.

Staying in the Seaport District means you’ll be close to all the interesting spots, from a rooftop bar that overlooks the Boston Harbor to the arts and culture destination that is the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). You can grab a beer and take in the views of the harbor. After that, you can make your way to the ICA to catch a performance or to view the innovative works of art.

Of course, don’t forget to stroll on the famed Boston Harborwalk, which should allow you to better enjoy the renaissance of this waterfront destination.

Since the area is seeing a boom with development, expect to find several options for places to stay in. Your only challenge may be considering what sort of accommodations to choose in the Boston Seaport District: newest hotel or established hotel?

Your choice naturally will depend on what sort of vacation or trip you have in mind, along with your budget.

Are you exploring the Seaport District alone or with a loved one, just for the weekend? Are you in Boston for a conference and want to take in some of the sights? Or are you simply looking to enjoy the nightlife and do not want to take the long drive back to your home?

Some of the latest Seaport District accommodations may cater more to a hipper, younger market. One new hotel that is soon to open will feature tech-friendly rooms, equipped with plug and play connectivity station charges, and public spaces such as a 24/7 pantry. Meanwhile, some of the more established hotels, like The Westin, may cater more to a corporate, upscale market. These hotels will not only be priced accordingly but will also come with amenities suitable to your very needs.

You can dine and drink in your Seaport District hotel or take a walk along Northern Avenue or Congress Street to sample some of the best cuisines in the area’s best restaurants.

The good thing about picking and booking your Seaport District hotel is that you can do it online. Make sure to use a reliable website and simply book directly from your chosen accommodations.