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You’ve just built your new e-commerce store. Congratulations! So what’s the most important step to take now — set up an awesome launch, attract new buyers, create promos, market your products, or upstage the competition?

If you’re a smart business owner with a long-term perspective, your top priority at this time should be all about keeping your site safe and secure. If you want to establish a trusted and profitable online store, then making sure your data — and your visitors’ data — are protected from malicious intent should not only be an item on your must-dos, but an urgent action step.

A solid security strategy is crucial for e-commerce sites and offers the following benefits:

  • Lowered risk of data and identity theft – Protection from hackers, phishing attacks, malware, viruses and other data security threats
  • Added SEO value – Search engines give better rankings to secure websites
  • Secure payments – Ensure all transactions won’t compromise business and customer information
  • Build trust – Customers only deal with businesses that they know are legitimate and credible
  • Increase sales – Increased customer trust gives them more confidence to buy from you
  • Positive customer experience – Site security delivers a safe, pleasant and efficient shopping experience, encouraging customers to return to your store again and again

To enjoy these advantages, businesses can consider these tried and tested shopping cart and ecommerce security tips:

Invest in quality hosting equipped with top-notch security.

Choose to work only with a company that declares site security as a top feature of their managed website hosting service. They should be able to give you the details of their security component — even without you asking. This means they take security as a must-have rather than just a nice add-on.

Implement a strong password protection and authentication strategy.

Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated about breaking into accounts, so ordinary password strategies won’t do anymore. Keep your passwords doubly safe by using a password manager. Establish a two-factor authentication not just for your website but all your accounts — email, social media, tools and so on. Invest in advanced tools such as a suspicious logins blocker to limit malicious break-in attempts.

Invest in added security.

E-commerce security is the last thing you want to go DIY on. Get more muscle by investing in the right site security services or programs. You can choose from a wide range of real-time security and backup service subscriptions that best address your site requirements and your needs as a business. In this environment, you can never be too safe. Making sure you have the help and support from reliable security experts and solutions is one of the smartest investments you can even make for your e-commerce business.

If you need help making sure that your online store is properly set up and secure for your customers, feel free to contact our MGR Team anytime.  We will review it for you and provide you with our recommendations.

Thank you for reading.  Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)