In this episode, we cover the new partnership between Shopify and Walmart, retail sales growth in May, online advertising costs keep increasing and the EU wants to tax American tech giants.

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The new Walmart-Shopify Agreement.  Can they take on Amazon?  And how can Shopify sellers benefit (or not) from the new Walmart Marketplace?
Retail sales up 17.7 percent in May but 6.1 percent below May 2019.  Despite that, the road looks very bumpy ahead and retailers are going to need to be very creative to keep attracting customers to their stores.
In the meantime, customers continue to shop online.  More eyeballs means higher costs to place your ads in front of them.  And we’re seeing that trend. Facebook Ad Costs are now even higher than before the pandemic.
And finally, as the US leaves the negotiating table, the EU is planning to move forward with the Digital Services Tax (DST) also known as the Google Tax or GAFA  Tax (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon).  The EU needs money, and what better way to bring fresh money than creating a tax targeted at American companies that succeed at what they don’t?

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