Join Manuel and David as they talk about Shopify’s new Shop app. Facebook’s big bet on India, and finally, they get into a heated discussion about why so many restaurants are victims of their own lack of planning.

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  • Shopify launches “Shop”, a new app that replaces the former “Arrive” app.  It’s only version 1 but will it become a large market place aggregator in the future competing with Amazon?
  • Facebook betting on India again with a reported $5.7B investment (about 10%) in Reliance Jio Platforms, largest telecom in India.
  • New unemployment numbers in the US.  4 million additions total 30 million unemployed since the crisis started
  • Part of the job recovery will depend on US and other countries bringing manufacturing back from China into their domestic factories.
  • Travel and Hospitality is one of the hardest hit sectors.  Are some restaurants victims of their own lack of forward vision and difficulty adjusting to the pandemic?  How many will survive and do we need so may restaurants after all?
  • Predicting this year’s holiday season.  How can retailers be ready to the new way of shopping?  How much will eComm sales grow compared to previous years?

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