Join Manuel and David as they project how would the gradual reopening of America’s economy affect our lives, how air travel may change in the future, and all other aspects of our lives.  We also discuss Quibi’s launch.  Will it succeed in the streaming media war?

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Will some sort of “Health Certificate” be required to travel or to enter certain public spaces?  Restaurants, Museums, Theme Parks, Movie Theaters, etc.

Trump’s plan is to reopen America’s economy in three phases, allowing state governors to decide when each phase will start in their states.  Some states are ready to start phase one as early as May 1 with a full reopen completed by June 15.  Is that too soon?

Then we shift gears to discus Quibi’s launch.  The app is full of promises but so far it lacks quality content.  It’s too soon to tell but David has been using it and he’s not impressed.  Is it too soon to judge or did they launch prematurely?  The funding is there but growth at all costs may be costly if they don’t succeed.

What do you think?  Take a listen and let us know your thoughts.

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