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Some online marketers avoid remarketing due to the unfounded belief that it is ineffective or too intrusive. Contrary to these beliefs, remarketing, when used correctly, can provide plenty of benefits for your business.  In fact, as far as our MGR Team is concerned, when used in conjunction with AdWords, remarketing is one of the most effective features you can use to drive conversions from the visitors to your website.

Remarketing allows you to reach your unique website visitors with a follow up and fresh message created just for them, therefore, inviting them to engage again and close the sale.  In other words, remarketing is a great conversion booster.

If you are still unsure if this marketing strategy is right for you, here are a few remarketing facts to consider for your next campaign:

More eyeballs lead to increased conversion

If you think that being too visible can hurt your chances of connecting with your target customers and your conversion rates, the opposite is true.

The truth is that the more your intended customers see your ads, the more likely they will convert. Although click-through rates may suffer a steep dive as your ads are seen more often, those who actually click on these are highly likely to convert.


Remarketing Conversion Rates

Ad fatigue is negligible

If you compare remarketing display ads with other display ads, you will notice that the former will have an ad fatigue rate that is half of the latter. Simply put, the idea that remarketing ads are intrusive is an overblown concept.

Where should you place remarketing ads?

If you wish to get the most value out of your money, the best place to display your remarketing ads will be Google Display Network (GDN) followed by Facebook. If you can afford to place ads on both platforms, then that’s much better.

Better for brand building

If there is one area where remarketing truly trumps other online marketing strategies, that would be brand building. The lack of support for visual elements in organic search and paid ads can make it a challenge to build your brand.

With remarketing, you can get more creative and put out ads that your customers can remember you by.

Remarketing can help you overcome the problems of the traditional marketing funnel

A lot of online marketers have come to realize that the traditional marketing funnel is simply outdated. Instead of operating in a linear fashion, conversion rate optimization or CRO today works quite differently. The new model used by marketers today is less linear. This simply means that customers can jump into your funnel at almost any stage.

Remarketing ads cost a fraction of other ads

Compare remarketing ad costs with those of search ads and one thing that you will immediately notice is the wide disparity in price. On average, a search ad will set you back by a few dollars. But in more competitive industries, those figures can run as much as $50 per click. Now compare that with remarketing clicks, which cost just a fraction of the average cost of search ads.

In sum, if you’re not considering remarketing as a critical element for your AdWords campaigns you’re really missing out.  If you’re concerned about letting some of your prospects leave empty handed and forget about your offer, remarketing is for you!

Thank you for reading.  Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)

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