Since we can’t yet talk about the actual next POTUS, we spend some fun time going through the other winners and losers of the 2020 elections. Lots of comments to share.

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Two days after the election and we’re still waiting for the official confirmation on who will be the next POTUS. One thing we do know is that, whatever the result, life goes on and it’s not the end of the world as we know it. And while we wait, why not go over some of the well know “winners and losers” of this election?

All Pollsters: Can we ever trust the polls? Can they be more wrong? We wouldn’t be counting ballots 3 days after the election if if had been the landslide or blue wave that they were all predicting.

Media Outlets: See above. It doesn’t matter whether it is the right-wing media or the more liberal media. The fact is that nobody was able to predict a very tight and highly contested election. For people that make a living reporting and commenting on news, they should be embarrassed of their disastrous predictions.

Trump and Biden: Yes, one of them will be the next President of the United States. But what it seems clear is that neither can think himself as a clear winner. Some people voted for Biden, not because they liked him, but because they really disliked Trump. Yet, based on the results, the same people that voted for Biden, seem to also have voted for a Republican Congress. Trump for his part, has never been a good loser and he’s already suing a number of states and stirring up more controversy without merit.

Clearly, all of us. We need a break from election news and campaign messaging. The amount of unauthorized text messages, phone calls, junk mail, etc. that this year’s election has generated should be something to fix before the next election comes around. Just the printing of worthless flyers and junk mail that end up in the trash has done more wrong for the environment than more people care to know. That’s the irony of situation.

Sports Betting Sites: Finally, something that was happening all the time is now considered “legal.” Let people do whatever they want with their money.

Cannabis: Of the five states that voted on cannabis, four states approved legal recreational marijuana for adults age 21 and older. Mississippi approved medical use, while South Dakota approved both recreational and medical use at one time.

Gig Economy: More specifically, Uber and Lyft will continue to operate in California allowing their drivers to classify themselves as independent contractors. The people have spoken. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it California. Get it? Got it? Done!

The Stock Market: Despite COVID daily cases growing to a reported record of 100,000/day, that seems to be less relevant now. For whatever reason, the market enjoys the result (or lack thereof) of this election and has added billions of dollars to all investment accounts and 401Ks around the US.

Gold and Bitcoin: As well as most precious metal commodities and cryptocurrencies. As of this writing, gold is nearing $2,000/oz again and Bitcoin is touching the $16,000 mark last reached more than 3 years ago. Why? You decide.

We end the podcast with some predictions about who might run for president in 2024… Yes, I know, that’s torture at this point, but we like that!

All that and much more in this episode of MGR Unplugged.

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