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When it comes to online marketing, SEO or search engine optimization remains king. Even though the dynamics of SEO have changed greatly through the years (especially with Google regularly releasing updates that the SEO community has to adapt to), it remains the most powerful strategy for businesses to increase awareness about their brand and generate more interest and sales in the digital world.

Under the giant umbrella that is SEO are special tactics for reaching target audiences. One of them is video marketing. This type of medium appeals easily and effectively to the visually inclined online community, which is why no online marketing effort should be without it.

Optimizing videos for SEO follows the same principles as for other types of content — there must be great focus on making sure that it’s relevant to the target audience. Unfortunately, a lot of people who want to optimize their videos tend to miss some of the most important components that would ensure the best impact of this type of media in the digital realm. To help turn things around and really make videos as effective as they can be as online marketing tools, here are five crucial tactics to implement.

  1. Focus on high user engagement. Don’t think so much about ranking high on search engines. Instead, direct your focus on quality and on ways to build the interest of your target audience. Create videos that answer the most common questions people have and present them artistically and comprehensively in your videos. How do you find out about the interests of your market? Check the other online platforms you use, such as your social media accounts. Read comments. Check out the “likes.” And perhaps conduct surveys using these platforms so you can get a better idea of what will lock in the interest of your audience.
  2. Make videos thoroughly informative. Present tutorials or demos, and maybe even include reviews; all these are not only completely useful to your viewers and sure to prompt them to act to your business’s advantage, but such videos are also evergreen – meaning they remain relevant for a long time. This can also mean that they will be watched and re-watched many times, and therefore, they are impervious to search engines’ ever-changing policies.
  3. Display high quality in your videos. Use the best equipment and really pay attention to the production value of your videos because you need to appeal to the aesthetic standards of your audience. The best performing videos – those with millions of views and are recommended by YouTube for viewing – are always the beautifully and thoughtfully produced ones.
  4. Use the most relevant keywords and integrate them into your title, meta-description, etc. You can use different tools such as (a free tool) and (a paid tool) to find relevant keywords, phrases and topics.
  5. Monitor results. There’s nothing more educational and helpful than reading through feedback, comments and testimonials. You’ll find out why they like the video or why they don’t. You may even score some suggestions on how to improve so your future releases can perform so much better.

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Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)