MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | September 23, 2020
Top News This Week

Big New Updates to Facebook Advertising

There were three new updates that were released this week for Facebook Ads manager that every digital marketer needs to know.

First, the 20% text rule is over. Yes, really. This has been a rule since the very early days of Facebook but it looks like they are loosening up and allowing advertisers to put much more text in their ads. It does not appear there is a limit anymore but Facebook still recommends 20% or less. Maybe try creating a 100% text ad and see what happens :P.

Second, Facebook has expanded the Advertising App Store. Now you are able to connect apps like Canva and Vimeo directly to ads manager. This should streamline the ad creation process even more for those of us who are Canva users as you can now import directly instead of having to manually download your content and then reuploading to make ads.

And third, Facebook has added a new type of custom audience. It’s to be able to re-target people who have interacted with on Facebook listings. This presumably includes Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, and posts with tagged products. So far they haven’t made it clear, but it’s always nice when we have more options for targeting customers who have interacted with us.


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