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Is Supply Chain the Key to the Next Wave of eComm?

Ownership of one’s supply chain has always been advantageous, but has the coronavirus crisis made it a necessity?

The brands that have succeeded the in the past two months are the ones who were able to move the fastest and serve the quickly changing needs of customers. The only way to do that is by owning one’s production facilities.

We’ve seen countless fashion and apparel brands quickly begin using their garments to produce masks. But beyond that, the fastest moving brands are able to spot trends, make changes, and begin selling new products to customers in a matter of days vs the weeks or months that it can take for brands who outsource their manufacturing.

The question is which brands will make the often hefty investment in something like supply chain that isn’t a direct revenue driver. It’s much sexier to spend that money on influencer campaigns, but which investment brings more value in the long run?

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