MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | March 17, 2021
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Major Retailers are Pushing for Livestream Shopping

Retailers are exploring new avenues to generate sales, and livestream shopping appears to be one they are betting on.

Nordstrom’s announced this week that they are launching a dedicated livestream shopping section on their site, where they plan to host multiple livestreams per week featuring brands, designers, and new product launches.

Walmart has also dipped their toes in the livestreaming world, but they haven’t gone all in yet. All of this comes as an attempt to compete, or at least keep up with Amazon. Amazon has had their own live product for over a year, and is also a go to site for many consumers for product discovery. The hope of Nordstrom’s is to show that they are are a discovery destination too, especially in the luxury fashion space where Amazon lacks.

The ultimate question is whether or not livestream shopping will take off in the US like it has in China. So far the answer has been ‘no’, but it’s still early days and platforms are still experimenting with new ways of building our livestream shopping interfaces.


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