MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | June 10, 2020
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Facebook Launches Built in Email Marketing + How Will Retail Come Back?

Facebook quietly launched its own built in email marketing tool yesterday. The tool seems to act the same as most other email service providers in that it allows brands to create templates, and send email blasts.
So far it seems that you must upload your own email database and can’t send emails to people who have like your page, interacted with ads, etc. however many are speculating that these features may be coming down the pipeline.
How can retail make a comeback if there are no stores left to come back to?
Retail bankruptcy numbers for May have been released, they jumped another 28% from April, which already had record numbers. Even worse, analysts are estimating that close to a third of all US malls could shut down by 2021.
Is this all due to COVID-19? No, but many struggling retailers who were dying a slow death, this was a knife to the heart. The broader question is how will the retail vs eCommerce pie be split in 2021 and beyond the the pandemic behind us?
Those in the ‘retail will bounce back quickly’ camp have shifted their tune. The reality is this pandemic has shifted the 5-10 year growth expectations of eCommerce into occurring in the span of 3 months, and those changes are likely to stay.

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