MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | February 24, 2021
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How Walmart is Trying to Recruit Amazon Sellers to Join their Platform

Walmart is quickly expanding its third party seller marketplace, and they’re trying to convince Amazon sellers as to why they’re a great option.

Walmart is actively going after successful Amazon sellers both directly and by trying to get the selling community to spread the word. They’ve also invested heavily in their own version of FBA, called Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). WFS is not nearly as large of a program as FBA yet, but Walmart has more than enough infrastructure to compete.

They also announced a direct partnership with Shopify last year, allowing Shopify merchants to connect their store catalogs directly to Walmart.

This all comes as sales grew 69% last year, and Walmart expects these high growth numbers to continue. While Walmart may still only be about an eighth the size of Amazon in eComm, they also have far fewer sellers. It’s estimated there are north of 2 million Amazon sellers, while Walmart stated there are curretnly just over 70,000.

The real opportunity could be for those who get in early while the competition is light, and Walmart is welcoming them with open arms.


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