MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | February 10, 2021
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Amazon Editorial

How Do Amazon’s “Editorial” Recommendations Work?

As you’ve browsed Amazon you may have noticed that often on search result pages an “Editorial Recommendations” section appears at the top, in addition to the regular Amazon search results. What is this and who is deciding what products win those spots?

In 2018, Amazon launched an invite-only program for publishers called Amazon Onsite Associates. The goal was to add expert opinions into the mix along with traditional customer reviews. Publishers who review products were then able to review and recommend products based on keywords. Today there are about 200 publishers, and the number is growing.

Of course these editorial placements are now heavily sought after by Amazon sellers as many receive an instant sales boost upon achieving those spots. There are rumors of editorial placements being pay to play, but Amazon has shut this idea down. They review all publisher submissions and only approve 20-30%.

The truth is to achieve these spots you just need to have a high quality, good selling product that the publishers will be review, and hope that they may choose you for the coveted placement.

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