MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | August 26, 2020
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Apple’s New Update Will Hurt Digital Marketing

Apple is launching iOS 14 in September, and with it a new feature that asks users if they want to block cross-web tracking from an app.
Cross-site tracking is the basis of digital marketing, especially for Google and Facebook. This is a big part of how their algorithms learn to serve the right ads to customers.
Facebook has released a post discussing how they will attempt to counter this new update, and said that for now the native Facebook and Instagram ads should be mostly unaffected, but the audience network (their version of display ads) could see revenue drop by more than 50%.
This ultimately points to a larger trend of Apple, and other product companies who don’t make money from ads, battling platforms like Facebook & Google who do. This is a big undercurrent in the eCommerce world, that it seems very few are speaking about.


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