MGR eCommerce Edge Weekly | April 14, 2020
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Amazon COVID-19 News

Amazon is re-opening shipments to FBA centers for non-essential items.

Amazon announced yesterday that non-essential items will soon be able to use FBA again. To start it will be in limited quantities and re-introduced in stages dependent on product category.

To find out if your products are eligible, click here. This page will be updated daily, and will show which of your products are approved for restocking with FBA.

Amazon is pausing account suspensions relating to poor order performance.

Under normal circumstances if your account has a high percentage of orders that are shipped late, are returned/cancelled, or have defects it can put your account at risk for suspension. Amazon is pausing this standard protocol until May 15, giving sellers leeway during this time.

Amazon is increasing the return window to 60 days for FBA orders, asking sellers who use FBM to do the same.

Amazon wants to give customers extra time to return orders. There is no penalty if self-fulling sellers don’t match this policy, but they are asking them to do so for the sake of a better customer experience during this time. The normal return window is 30 days, it will now be 60 days through May 31 for FBA products.

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Opinion: This article is only partly right. Just as reality is setting in for so many mediocre businesses, the same will be true for influencers. The effectiveness of marketing dollars has never been more important, and what makes someone an influencer is their ability to influence product sales. Many with large followings are not able to do that, we will find out who the true influencers are in the coming months.

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