MGR Amazon Weekly Update | November 26, 2019
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Request_Review Form -m MGR BlogAmazon Sellers Can Now Request a Review Manually From Customers

Amazon rolled out this new feature relatively quietly, never making an official announcement. Our team noticed it when managing customer accounts and saw that many of them now had it.

Many sellers currently use the Amazon messaging system to try and solicit reviews from customers, this method may prove to be a better option. As Amazon sends an email directly to the customer upon clicking this button. Sellers also can pick and choose who they request from, meaning not requesting any from buyers who had a bad experience and my leave negative reviews.

Want to check if you have this feature? Within Seller Central simply go to “Orders” > “Manage Orders” and select an order that shows the green “Payment Complete” message.

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Amazon Launches “Amazon Post” Allowing Brands to Create Social Media-like Posts on Their Listings

Amazon understands the power of social commerce, and the fact that they are far behind in that area. So, they’ve now launched “Amazon Posts” which are shoppable social media-like posts that will show up in different places including listings.

Amazon wants brands to consider this another social feed no different than Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Their explainer page states: “We encourage brands to publish posts with the same frequency they do on social media. Brands can publish multiple posts for the same product or across a wide range of products.”

There are two major questions with this. Will consumers care? And, could having this on a listing increase conversions?

To answer the first, probably not. Don’t expect Amazon to become a budding social media platform anytime soon.

But could it increase conversions? We think so. This allows brands to add more info and content to the page, and this content can be less formal and more social increasing a brand’s ability to connect with the customer. Brands could show examples of their products being used by real customers, add extra explainers or use cases for their products, or pretty much another other info that they would like to add to their listing.

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