MGR Amazon Weekly Update | July 30, 2019
Top News This Week

Amazon Brand Registry - MGR Blog

Amazon Updates IP Policy to Better Protect Sellers From Trademark and Patent Infringement

Amazon has made some key changes to Brand Registry (ABR) and is expanding Project Zero. The biggest change to ABR is brands must have a trademark filed with the USPTO to be accepted for the US. Previously Amazon accepted trademarks from many different countries but that is no longer the case. On the patent infringement front, Amazon’s new system allows patent owners to file a claim with Amazon, and Amazon will then notify the accused seller and give them 21 days to respond via an Amazon approved attorney. If the accused seller fails to do so their listing(s) will be removed after the 21 days.

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Amazon Q2 Results - MGR Blog

Amazon Reports Q2 Results: Key Takeaways

Offering 1-day shipping helped grow revenues 20%, but hurt Amazon’s bottom line. Being a Prime eligible seller is now more important than ever, not being so could mean conversion rates that are half or even less than competitors that are Prime eligible. Amazon also continues to increase its advertising offerings as key driver for non-product revenues. Ad revenue grew by 37%, and we expect that trend to continue.

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Alibaba Plans - MGR Blog

Alibaba is Expanding its Platform to the US to Compete with Amazon

Alibaba is known for helping sellers source products from China, as well as for being the ‘Amazon of China,’ but now they want to take on Amazon on their home turf. More details will be released soon but there are rumors that Alibaba could have a very enticing offer to get sellers on their platform. Instead of taking a percentage cut of sales like Amazon does, Alibaba is considering charging a flat-fee as low as $2000/yr to sell on their platform. Many have tried to compete with Amazon and failed, but if there were ever a company to succeed, it would be Alibaba.

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Other Notable News:

1. Amazon is rolling out a new program to list FBA products as in stock once they’ve been shipped, rather than once they’re in the warehouse – AMAZON

2. Amazon is getting into Real Estate, has unique data to partner with brokerages – CNBC

3. Now you can get packages delivered straight to the trunk of your car, hopefully reducing package theft – CNET

4. Amazon is testing a new fashion section that showcases products worn by Instagram influencers – PEOPLE

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