MGR Amazon Weekly Update | December 17, 2019
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3 eCommerce Guides for 2020

This will be the final newsletter we send this year, we will be back in January with even more insights for you to kill it in 2020. So to finish off the year, here are three guides to read over your holiday break!

The Algebra of eCommerce – The One Formula That Will Make You a Success

Visitors X Conversion Rate X Customer Lifetime Revenue = Total Revenue
The formula is simple, but vitally important for every marketer to understand. There are only three key metrics that go into the eCommerce success formula, and moving just one of them can lead to drastic growth for any business.

So the question is, how do we do it?

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5 Ways to Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Listings + Mistakes to Avoid

This is a two part guide. Part one is all about mastering how to use 3rd party advertising to grow your Amazon sales, and part two goes through common mistakes to avoid when setting up a multi-channel approach.

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Other Notable Links:

1. Jeff Bezos voted as business person of the decade – CNBC

2. This may be the future of Amazon’s FBA centers – BOSTON DYNAMICS

3. Amazon blocks sellers from using FedEx for merchant-fulfilled orders as feud between the two companies grows – CNBC

4. You can now set Samuel L. Jackson as the voice of your Alexa – THE VERGE


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