MGR Amazon Weekly Update | August 5, 2019
Top News This Week


Amazon Has Made Multiple Changes to its ‘Business Solutions Agreement’ That Will Go Into Effect on August 16th

Amazon is making changes to 8 different sections of the agreement that all sellers sign off on when they agree to sell on Amazon. One of the biggest changes will be a positive for sellers: more transparency for suspensions and terminations as well as an improved appeal process. There are also changes to how IP is disputes are dealt with, FBA rule changes, and more.

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How to Make Sure You Comply With All of Amazon’s New Product Title Requirements

Over the past month Amazon has made multiple changes to product title requirements, and if sellers don’t follow their listings could be suppressed. We wrote an easy guide for sellers to follow to make sure their titles are compliant.

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Other Notable News:

  1. FAA eases restrictions on commercial drone flights, opening the door for Amazon – REUTERS
  2. Amazon is launching ‘AmazonCommercial’ its first private label B2B brand that will sell office and industrial supplies – FORBES
  3. Prime members can now pay an extra $5/mo for ‘PrimeCloset’ which will compete in the curated clothing space with StichFix and others – PEOPLE
  4. Amazon is quietly rolling out new grocery store plans that go beyond WholeFoods – NYT

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