Manuel and David have a casual conversation reflecting on the past 30 days, since COVID-19 become a serious part of our lives.  From conspiracy theories to the crude reality of what America and the world is facing today and how it is affecting our lives.

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  • Is this the new normal?  Are we in a game simulation and being played on?
  • What are your favorite podcasts to listen to these days
  • It’s actually physical distancing rather than social distancing these days
  • What social media platforms are doing better during this confinement period?
  • Altucher’s interview with Tyler Cowen
  • The increase consumption of Audio books, Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming media.
  • We have zero sporting events to watch or talk about.
  • Do you think the NBA will come back this season? What about the NFL?  Is the season at risk?
  • Minimalist behavior. Happy getting rid of all the stuff that we haven’t used for a long time.
  • Now we realize how valuable those minimum wage employees are…  Our economy relies on them to keep us going.
  • US Companies should learn from this and shift production to manufacture in the USA versus relying on China or any other country for essential items that become unavailable or scarce at times like this.
 Some silver linings:
  • Airline travel will be very cheap when all this is over, add to that low fuel prices…
  • Major cities are reporting cleaner air and less pollution.  Factories closed, driving reduced, fewer flights, cruises, etc.  This is turn is also saving or extending our lives.
  • The confinement is decreasing traffic, which also means fewer or no fatalities or severe injuries from driving accidents
  • Flu cases are also down compared to previous years.


What do you think?  Take a listen and let us know your thoughts.

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