Join Manuel and David as they cover the latest news regarding US unemployment, stimulus packages, the road to recovery, which industries will have the hardest survival and what governments around the world are planning for the post-pandemic life.

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“You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else.”  Winston Churchill
  • New unemployment numbers in the US. 4.4 million additional filings for total 26 million unemployed since the crisis started
  • Some low wage employees are electing to collect unemployment benefits over returning back to work.  Is the system broken?
  • Part of the job recovery will depend on US and other countries bringing manufacturing back from China into their domestic factories.
  • New $484B Small Business stimulus package set to be approved by the House.  Going really to small businesses?
  • Reality Check: All governments are announcing confinement extensions in small doses.  I think we know now that this could last for 6-12 months with more or less intensity.
  • As deconfinement plans start, are citizens and businesses really ready to resume life and business as usual?
  • Travel and Hospitality will be the hardest hit sector in the long run and the slowest to recover.  Hotel industry is typically in denial until they decide to act, which is usually too late.
  • How soon will you wait before feeling comfortable traveling by plane again?
  • Airbnb: Will Airfbnb recover faster if more people prefer to travel to a private residence versus a crowded hotel?
  • OpenTable reported zero reservations over the past 30 days. Air travel has dropped more than 95% since COVID-19 started.  Hotels are closed or barely able to keep their doors open.
  • If the Central Banks print money at will to stimulate the economy, why don’t they just print money year round to build roads, bridges, etc. and cancel our income taxes?
  • Suddenly, questions about how UBI will be funded have been answered.   The government can just fund it on its own.
  • Which world government has acted best in the face of Coronavirus?  Is it just totalitarian governments that are better suited for these types of crisis?
  • Contact Tracing.  Are we ready to give up some of our civil liberties in exchange for a safer life and a more rapid response to future pandemics?
  • Will a “Health Certificate” or a “Health Passport” be required to travel or to enter certain public spaces?  Restaurants, Hotels, Museums, Theme Parks, etc.

What do you think?  Take a listen and let us know your thoughts.

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